The Moon Age Calendar ... DrawUp 1997/05/19 .. Renovate 1998/07/20

The position computation by the moon and the sun

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It computes from the now date and time.

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GMT difference hour
Julian day

age of moon
moon face
moon phase angle
ratio of illuminated side %

The moon
ecliptic longitude
ecliptic latitude
geocentric distance km
ratio of the average %

The sun
ecliptic longitude
geocentric distance km
ratio of the average %

As for possible to calculate from the optional date and time, look at

There is an error from the trick of the computation precision of the Java Script double-precision fluctuation point and the precision with trigonometrical function but it is the degree which is not in the problem in case of practical use.

When the high computation result of the precision is necessary, use Windows95/NT exclusive use soft ware "Moon32.exe".
The Windows system is a download in the page of SoftWare in freeware "Moon##.exe" and comes.

We provide to transplant as the Mac edition of Windows95/NT exclusive use freeware "Moon32.exe" a source code and a data.